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From personal to professional growth, Travel Voiage wants to help you overcome your disappointment of having to find others to travel with. Group meetup trips will allow you to travel the way you’ve always dreamt of, on your own or with some friends or lover. All while meeting others with the same intention of living a life of travel. Click the Meetup Trips tab to see upcoming destinations, itineraries, Payment due dates, &more. Fill out the form below with this service as the subject to ask any questions and start building travelships around the world.

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Need assistance with itinerary or transportation decisions? We are here to help. Ready to get started? Book this service and and preferred contact method. See what positive change really feels like.


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Travel Voiage wants to help you take off some stress and assure a positive experience for these beautiful moments. Book a time and preferred contact to begin the process.


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We would like to welcome you to our world! A world of travel and adventures. Our journey met as two solo travelers visiting a beautiful location known as Bali, Indonesia. Both very nervous because it sounds crazy to go across the world with people that we have never met, Right? But with the help of a Trust Worthy mutual planner we went for it. After experiencing such positive energy it opened our eyes to a new world.  We continued to keep in touch and build a travel-ship and soon after we decided to come together to help others!....Why not let Travel Voiage assist in making your experience an unforgettable one. Taisha and I decided to take our expertise and offer services in flight bookings, Travelers Insurance, Destination Weddings, as well as curating travel packages.


What Makes us Different?

It doesn't stop there! We built a great friendship just by stepping out of our comfort zones and attending a Solo Travel Group Trip, after missing out on many trips trying to find someone to go with. We met people we may have never met and now have lifetime travel partners globally. Join our Voiage Club as we travel all over the world several times a year building life-long bonds, travel mates, and dive into other cultures that leaves you with experiences like no other. We are looking forward to working with each and everyone of you. Enjoy Life!

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